Independent lawyer with extensive cross-border experience

Kimmo Mettälä Consulting Ltd. focuses on selected legal assignments in the fields of corporate and financial law as well as arbitration services.

Kimmo Mettälä has been involved for decades in the areas of international and domestic corporate and financial law and continues being available as a consultant for projects in his areas of expertise.

Examples of instances where advice can be provided include helping smaller companies with the internationalization of their operations and other situations calling for sophisticated legal advice where the use of a full-scale law firm is not feasible or necessary. These situations may also include assisting foreign parties with their investments in Finland. Kimmo Mettälä is also available to act as a non-executive board member of companies which are seeking members with his background and experience.

Further, having been involved in a number of arbitration proceedings as counsel and as arbitrator, Kimmo Mettälä is available as an independent arbitrator for domestic as well as international arbitration.

Primary areas of expertise include:


Extensive experience from having acted as counsel for acquirers and sellers, ranging from multinational corporations to private equity- or family-owned companies in a large number of transactions involving a target company based in Finland as well as other European jurisdictions, North America, Latin America and other countries. Kimmo Mettälä has also acted as a board member of companies, including companies with industrial operations marketing their products internationally.

Minority investments:

Considerable experience from  representation minority investors (including financial investors) and being familiar with issues arising from such investments, including the specific safeguards often sought by such investors, exit mechanisms and resolution of conflicts.

Banking and finance:

Extensive experience from having acted in a wide range of projects from the lending and financing operations of multilateral financial institutions to cross-border and domestic acquisition finance, real estate finance as well as operations in the debt capital markets. This includes having acted both for lenders and borrowers in a large number of transactions, including corporate lending, limited recourse financing as well as trade and export finance and other types of financing operations.


Kimmo Mettälä has acted as counsel and as arbitrator and chair of arbitral tribunal in a number of commercial arbitration proceedings as well as squeeze-out arbitrations under the Companies Act.

Arbitration proceedings in which Kimmo Mettälä has been involved have included, among others, complex cross-border and domestic proceedings including disputes arising from design and construction of large infrastructure project assets, sale of commercial property facilities, distribution of electricity and delivery of machinery and equipment.

Geographic expertise:

  • Kimmo Mettälä has worked as a lawyer for almost a decade in the U.S. and the U.K., and throughout his law firm practice he has frequently represented clients from these jurisdictions. Both his work experience and his network of contacts in both the U.S. and the U.K. may be useful to clients with operations in those jurisdictions.
  • Other geographic areas with which he has gained familiarity through project work over several years include Latin America and Eastern and Central Europe.


Kimmo Mettälä has published articles and co-authored textbooks in the areas of business and financial law and arbitration in Finnish, U.S. and international legal publications.